Mark LeVang Music

Fallon/Walsh Wedding California Club, Los Angeles

“VoiLA”, the featured band, proved perfect for this very special couple!

“Our guests – young and less recently young – are just raving about how wonderful VoiLA was at Jon and Colleen’s wedding Saturday night. Just as we’d hoped, you had everyone up and dancing from start to finish. The vocalists were so good that people were doing double takes to be sure the original artist was not on stage. You had told us you had a special surprise at the end, and you delivered as promised. Everyone was up on their feet surrounding the bride and groom, who certainly surprised me with their dance moves. People say the music makes the event, and we are so glad that we led to you, as you certainly made it a fun and memorable event for the bride, groom and their guests.”



New Michael Giacchino Music at Sony Scoring Stage.

After one year of shuttling kids back and forth to school, Michael Giacchino has decided to start writing again!  Yippee!  Last year was quite busy for Michael and the orchestra.  Disneyland’s “Star Tours 2” Theme, Disney/Pixar’s “Cars 2”, “Super 8”, “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol” and “John Carter of Mars”.  It is a complete joy to work with Michael, his conductor, Tim Simonec and the entire Hollywood Symphony Orchestra!